The K9s of the War on Terror (K9WT) views the relationship between the military, government, and law enforcement in this conflict as both unique and worthy of distinction.

The K9WT is currently evaluating two potential locations for the placement of the monument to the K9 teams of the War on Terror.

Individual K9 teams are also recognized by the presentation of the K9 Medal for Exceptional Service which is awarded by the K9WT.

The Board of Directors of the K9s of the War on Terror is composed of former military dog handlers who have seen service in both Korea and Vietnam. The boards primary concern is to provide the recognition that these K9 Teams so richly deserve.

Board of Directors

Alan H. Driscoll, President/Treasurer
Edward A. Vymazal, Vice President/Vice Treasurer
Edward Hobbs, Secretary
Albright Hunt, Board Member

The Medals Review Committee is chaired by the President of the K9WT who receives applications for all medals and vets the application before passing it to the Medals Review Committee. The Committee is composed of three individuals with credible experience in the U.S. Military, Law Enforcement and K9 unit training and a military historian and author. It is the Committee who refers medal awards back to the Chairman for action.

Medals Review Committee

Alan H. Driscoll, Chairman
Michael Lemish
Maj. Gen. McCarthy (USAF ret.)
Michael Morgan

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And help us continue our mission:

To recognize the contributions,
accomplishments, and sacrifices
made by the K9 teams of the U.S. Military, Department of Homeland Security and Law enforcement in this nation's War on Terror.

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